Accomplishements / Résultats

novembre 15, 2011

Carrer Highlight

Competition Result


3rd individual freestyle – world championship Ouest Bike Show – France

1st Extreme Rider – Evotech stunt comp – Italy

1st drift – Evotech Stunt Comp – Italy

1st individual freestyle – Evotech Stunt Comp – Italy

1st individual freestyle – SBI Dream Piste – France

3rd individual freestyle – SBF Wembley – United Kingdom

1st Sickest Trick – SBF Wembley – United Kingdom

3rd stoppie contest – SBF Wembley – United Kingdom


3rd individual freestyle – World Championship Ouestbikeshow – France

2nd wheelie contest – OuestbikeShow – France

3rd individual freestyle Irish Stunt Comp – Irland

2nd Stuntkhana – Irland

2nd international stunt championship – Morocco

1st drift / Stunt Battle – Tcheck Republik

4th individual / Stunt Battle – Tcheck Republik

2nd individual Freestyle Vertical Trix World Competition – UK

3rd parcours battle Vertical Trix – UK

10th – Stunt GP – Poland

1st Place XDL qualification – 7th place at Final (American Championship)

2nd Place International Stunt Championship Moroco

1st Place SBI (french championship)

1st Place ANR Competition (European Championship)

1st Place Sickest Tricks ANR Competition

3rd Place SBF Ace Café Competition (Internationnal Compétition)


1st place German Open

2n place European Championship average

2nd Place French Championship

4th place at European Championship

5th place at Stunt GP internationnal


2nd Place ACE café Competition

3rd place at UK competition

5th place at Stunt GP internationnal

6th place Kurun Contest

8th German Open


2nd place Stunt bike Show

11th German Open

11th European Championship

TV – Web TV
MCS Extrême – French Extreme Sport Channel 2012

Interview – Egyptian TV 2012

Interview – Dubai TV 2012

Interview radio – Hit Radio 2012


Interview / Portrait – 2M Morocco 2012

Portrait France 3 10/2011 – French Television

How To Stuntride ? with Moto journal Web-tv – French Magazine and French TV channel

6 episode of Ride Me Up – Youtube

For Mazagan Motor Show 09/2011 – Moroccan Television

Portrait TLM 02/2011 – French Television Channel

Magazine Interview

Nouvelle Observateur Morocco 2011 – Morrocan Magazine

7days – Dubaï 2012

L’économiste  2011 – Morrocan Magazine

Street Monster Article 2011 – French Motobike Magazine

Streetfighter 2011 – UK Magazine

Le progrès Lyon 2011 – French NewsPaper

MotorAlp – French Magazine

Show around the world

WTCC Marrakech RedBull / Ipone / Mobshop – Morocco

Gulf Bike Week – Dubaï

Triumph Live – Triumph Headquarter UK

Motoshow for French Moto GP Le Mans – France

Show for Enduropale Touquet – France

Mazagan Moto Show – Morocco

Dragster Opening – Australia

Tridays – Austria

Triumph Opening day – New Caledonia

Salon de Pecquencourt – France

Salon de Lyon – France


Moto journal test 7 different bikes – French Magazine

Billboard 4m x 3m all around Morocco for Mazagan Motor Show in 2011 and 2012

Billboard all around Poland for Stunt GP 2011

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